RECOIL - Retro Computer Image Library

RECOIL understands 389 file formats, including:

Formats are listed below by origin computer family and filename extension. Alternative extensions are comma-separated.

Some pictures are composed of multiple files - they must share their filename and only differ by their extensions. Such formats are listed here with the plus sign combining the extensions. Some ports of RECOIL don't support multi-file pictures.

Some graphics programs didn't enforce any filename extension. I have chosen an arbitrary one for these formats.

"2 frames" means the picture is composed of two quickly alternating frames so that a human perceives more colors (for example black alternated with gray looks like dark gray). On Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64 this technique is commonly (but incorrectly) referred to as "interlace". On ZX Spectrum it is called "gigascreen". Likewise, "3 frames" means three different alternating pictures and more flickering. RECOIL displays such pictures by averaging frames into a static image.

You can find some sample files in This is the collection of my test files, so they are often interesting because of the underlying encoding, rather than the visual effect.

AmigaACBMAmiga Continuous Bitmap1
AmigaDEEPTVPaint16777216 colors1
AmigaHAM6Hold-And-Modify 64096 colors1
AmigaHAM8Hold-And-Modify 816777216 colors1
AmigaIFFInterchange File Format1
AmigaINFOIcon8 colors1
AmigaLBM, ILBMInterleaved Bitmap1
AmigaDHR, DR, MP, BEAMMulti-palette4096 colors1
AmigaRGB8Turbo Silver16777216 colors1
AmigaRGBNTurbo Silver4096 colors1
AmigaSHAMSliced HAM4096 colors1
Amstrad CPCCM5+GFXMode 5288x25627 colors1
Amstrad CPCFNT8x8 fontmono1
Amstrad CPCHGBHinterGrundBild512x256mono1
Amstrad CPCPPH+ODD+EVEPerfect Pixup to 384x2722
Amstrad CPCSCR+PALAdvanced OCP Art Studio1
Amstrad CPCWIN+PALAdvanced OCP Art Studio1
Apple IIHGRHigh Resolution280x192mono1
Apple IISPRSpritesmono1
Apple IIeDHRDouble High-Resolution560x192mono1
Apple IIGSSH3320x2003200 colors1
Apple IIGSSHR320x200256 colors1
Apple MacintoshMAC, PNT, PNTGMacPaint576x720mono1
Atari 8-bit256, AP280x96256 colors1
Atari 8-bit4MIAtariTools-800 4 missiles1
Atari 8-bit4PLAtariTools-800 4 players1
Atari 8-bit4PMAtariTools-800 4 players and 4 missiles1
Atari 8-bitA4RAnime 4ever80x25616-level grayscale1
Atari 8-bitACSAtariTools-800 font4 colors1
Atari 8-bitAGPAtariTools-800 graphic1
Atari 8-bitALLGraph160x1925 colors1
Atari 8-bitAP3, APV, DGI, DGP, ESC, ILC, PZM80x192256 colors2
Atari 8-bitAPC, PLM80x96256 colors1
Atari 8-bitAPLAtari Player Editor4 colors1
Atari 8-bitAPP80x192256 colors2
Atari 8-bitARTAscii-Art Editorup to 64x24 charactersmono1
Atari 8-bitART (arbitrary)Artist by David Eaton160x804 colors1
Atari 8-bitBG9, G09160x19216-level grayscale1
Atari 8-bitBGPBugbiter APAC239i80x239256 colors2
Atari 8-bitBKGMovie Maker background160x964 colors1
Atari 8-bitCCIChampions' Interlace (compressed)160x1922
Atari 8-bitCHRBlazing Paddles fontmono1
Atari 8-bitCINChampions' Interlaceup to 160x2002
Atari 8-bitCPIMarco Pixel Editor160x1924 colors1
Atari 8-bitCPRTrzmiel (compressed)320x192mono1
Atari 8-bitCUTCut Creator96x99mono1
Atari 8-bit VBXEDAPSlideShow for VBXE320x240256 colors1
Atari 8-bitDIN320x19210 colors2
Atari 8-bitDIT (arbitrary)DrawIt160x964 colors1
Atari 8-bitDLMDir Logo Maker11x16 charactersmono1
Atari 8-bitDRGAtari CAD320x160mono1
Atari 8-bitFGEFloor Designer64x4016-level grayscale1
Atari 8-bitFNT8x8 fontmono1
Atari 8-bitFWAFun with Art160x192128 colors1
Atari 8-bitG10Graphics 10up to 80x2409 colors1
Atari 8-bitG11Graphics 11up to 80x24016 colors1
Atari 8-bitG2FGraph2Fontup to 336x240256 colors1
Atari 8-bitGEDGED160x200128 colors1
Atari 8-bitGHGGephard Hires Graphicsup to 320x200mono1
Atari 8-bitGR1Mad Studio20x24 characters4 colors1
Atari 8-bitGR2Mad Studio20x12 characters4 colors1
Atari 8-bitGR3Mad Studio40x244 colors1
Atari 8-bitGR7Graphics 7up to 160x1204 colors1
Atari 8-bitGR8Graphics 8up to 320x240mono1
Atari 8-bitGR9Graphics 9up to 80x24016-level grayscale1
Atari 8-bitHCI, HR2320x2005 colors2
Atari 8-bitHCMHard Color Map128x1929 colors1
Atari 8-bitHIPHard Interlace Picture160x20030-level grayscale2
Atari 8-bitHPMGrass' Slideshow160x1924 colors1
Atari 8-bitHR256x2393 colors2
Atari 8-bitICEInterlace Character Editor font2
Atari 8-bitICNICE CIN160x19280 colors2
Atari 8-bitIGEInterlace Graphics Editor128x9616 colors2
Atari 8-bitILDInterlace Logo Designer128x1287 colors2
Atari 8-bitIMNICE MIN160x19280 colors2
Atari 8-bitINGING 15160x2007 colors2
Atari 8-bitINP160x2007 colors2
Atari 8-bitINTINT95aup to 160x23916 colors2
Atari 8-bitIP2ICE PCIN+160x19245 colors2
Atari 8-bitIPCICE PCIN160x19235 colors2
Atari 8-bitIR2Super IRG 2160x19225 colors2
Atari 8-bitIRGSuper IRG160x19215 colors2
Atari 8-bitISTInterlace Studio160x2002
Atari 8-bitJGPJet Graphics Planner4 colors1
Atari 8-bitKPRKompresor do Animatora4 colors1
Atari 8-bitKSS (arbitrary)KSS-Paint160x1604 colors1
Atari 8-bitLDMLudek Maker4 colors1
Atari 8-bitLEOLarka Edytor Obiektów trybu $4+5 colors1
Atari 8-bitLUM+COLTechnicolor Dream80x119256 colors1
Atari 8-bitKFX56x60mono1
Atari 8-bitMAPEnvision1
Atari 8-bitMAPEnvisionPC1
Atari 8-bitMAXXL-Paint MAX160x1922
Atari 8-bitMBGMad Designer512x256mono1
Atari 8-bitMCHGraph2Fontup to 336x240256 colors1
Atari 8-bitMCPMcPainter160x20016 colors2
Atari 8-bitMCPPParadox160x10016 colors1
Atari 8-bitMCS160x1929 colors1
Atari 8-bitMGP (arbitrary)Magic Painter160x961
Atari 8-bitMICMicro Illustrator / Graphics 15up to 160x2404 colors1
Atari 8-bitMIC (arbitrary)AtariGraphics160x1924 colors1
Atari 8-bitMISAtariTools-800 missile2x240mono1
Atari 8-bitNLQDaisy-Dot fontmono1
Atari 8-bitPGRPowerGraphicsup to 336x240256 colors1
Atari 8-bitPICGraphic Arts Department160x96128 colors1
Atari 8-bitPICKoala MicroIllustrator160x1924 colors1
Atari 8-bitPLAAtariTools-800 player8x240mono1
Atari 8-bitPMDPMG Designer by Henryk Karpowicz1
Atari 8-bitRAPVidig Paint80x19216 colors1
Atari 8-bitRAWXL-Paint MAX160x19216 colors2
Atari 8-bitRGBColorViewSquashup to 160x1923
Atari 8-bitRIPRocky Interlace Pictureup to 320x2391 or 2
Atari 8-bitRM0Rambrandt160x9699 colors1
Atari 8-bitRM1Rambrandt80x192256 colors1
Atari 8-bitRM2Rambrandt80x192104 colors1
Atari 8-bitRM3Rambrandt80x192128 colors1
Atari 8-bitRM4Rambrandt160x19299 colors1
Atari 8-bitRYSMamut160x964 colors1
Atari 8-bitSG3Standard Graphics 340x244 colors1
Atari 8-bitSGESemi-Graphic logos Editor40x24 charactersmono1
Atari 8-bitSHCSAMAR Hi-res Interlace with Map of Colours320x1922
Atari 8-bitSHPBlazing Paddles shape tablemono1
Atari 8-bitSHPMovie Maker shapes160x964 colors1
Atari 8-bitSIFSuper-IRG Font4 colors2
Atari 8-bitSKPSketch-PadDles160x192mono1
Atari 8-bitSPCThe Graphics Magician Picture Painter160x192128 colors1
Atari 8-bitSXS16x16 fontmono1
Atari 8-bitTIPTaquart Interlace Pictureup to 160x1192
Atari 8-bitTX0Texture Maker0 16x16x1616x1616 colors1
Atari 8-bitTXETexture Editor by Mikey80x9616-level grayscale1
Atari 8-bitTXS16x1616-level grayscale1
Atari 8-bitVZIVertiZontal Interlacing160x20031-level grayscale2
Atari 8-bitWNDBlazing Paddles windowup to 160x1924 colors1
Atari 8-bitXLPXL-Paintup to 160x2007 colors2
Atari PortfolioPGC240x64mono1
Atari PortfolioPGF240x64mono1
Atari ST/STEARTArt Director320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STEARTGFA Artist320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STEBL1DEGAS Elite block16 colors1
Atari ST/STEBL2DEGAS Elite block4 colors1
Atari ST/STEBL3DEGAS Elite blockmono1
Atari ST/STEBLDMegaPaintmono1
Atari ST/STEBRUDEGAS Elite brush8x8mono1
Atari ST/STECA1CrackArt320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STECA2CrackArt640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STECA3CrackArt640x400mono1
Atari ST/STECE1ComputerEyes320x200262144 colors1
Atari ST/STECE2ComputerEyes640x20032768 colors1
Atari ST/STECE3ComputerEyes640x400192-level grayscale1
Atari ST/STECELCyber Paint Cellup to 320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STECMPPublic Painterup to 640x800mono1
Atari ST/STECP3Picworks640x400mono1
Atari ST/STECPTCanvas (compressed)1
Atari ST/STECRGCalamus Raster Graphicmono1
Atari ST/STEDA4PaintShop640x800mono1
Atari ST/STEDOODoodle640x400mono1
Atari ST/STEDU1, DUO416x273136 colors2
Atari ST/STEDU2832x27310 colors2
Atari ST/STEEZAEZ-Art Professional320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STEFNT8x16 fontmono1
Atari ST/STEFNTGDOS fontmono1
Atari ST/STEGFBDeskPic1
Atari ST/STEHPKDali (compressed)640x400mono1
Atari ST/STEHRMHighresMedium640x2002
Atari ST/STEIC1Imagic320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STEIC2Imagic640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STEIC3Imagic640x400mono1
Atari ST/STEICNDEGAS Elite iconmono1
Atari ST/STEIFFInterchange File Format1
Atari ST/STEIMGGEM Bit Image1
Atari ST/STEKIDFullscreen Construction Kit448x27216 colors1
Atari ST/STELPKDali (compressed)320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STEMPKDali (compressed)640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STEMPPMulti Palette Pictureup to 416x2731 or 2
Atari ST/STEMUR+PALC.O.L.R. Object Editor320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STENEONEOchrome1
Atari ST/STENEONEOchrome Master512 colors1
Atari ST/STENEO+RSTNEOchrome Master320x200512 colors1
Atari ST/STEP3CD-GRAPH (compressed)320x200136 colors2
Atari ST/STEPA3Pablo Paint 2.5640x400mono1
Atari ST/STEPACSTAD640x400mono1
Atari ST/STEPBXQuantumPaint1
Atari ST/STEPC1DEGAS Elite320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STEPC2DEGAS Elite640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STEPC3DEGAS Elite640x400mono1
Atari ST/STEPCITobias Richter Fullscreen Slideshow352x2782
Atari ST/STEPCSPhotoChrome320x1991 or 2
Atari ST/STEPG0Paintworks320x40016 colors1
Atari ST/STEPG1Graphics Processor320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STEPG1Paintworks640x4004 colors1
Atari ST/STEPG2Graphics Processor640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STEPG2Paintworks640x800mono1
Atari ST/STEPG3Graphics Processor640x400mono1
Atari ST/STEPI1DEGASup to 416x56016 colors1
Atari ST/STEPI2DEGAS640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STEPI3, SUHDEGAS640x400mono1
Atari ST/STEPICPaintPro ST1
Atari ST/STEPL4320x200256 colors2
Atari ST/STEPPPPablo Paint 1.1320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STEPSCPaintShop (compressed)640x400mono1
Atari ST/STERGBRGB Intermediate320x2004096 colors3
Atari ST/STERGHZZ_ROUGH320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STECL0, SC0Paintworks320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STECL1, SC1Paintworks640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STECL2, SC2Paintworks640x400mono1
Atari ST/STESD0Dali320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STESD1Dali640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STESD2Dali640x400mono1
Atari ST/STESPCSpectrum 512 (compressed)320x1994096 colors1
Atari ST/STESPSSpectrum 512 (smooshed)320x199512 colors1
Atari ST/STESPUSpectrum 512320x1994096 colors1
Atari ST/STESPUSpectrum 512 (enhanced)320x19929791 colors2
Atari ST/STESPXSpectrum 512 (extended)320x1994096 colors1
Atari ST/STESRTSynthetic Arts640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STESSBSinbad Slideshow320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STETN1, TN4Tiny Stuff320x20016 colors1
Atari ST/STETN2, TN5Tiny Stuff640x2004 colors1
Atari ST/STETN3, TN6Tiny Stuff640x400mono1
Atari ST/STETNYTiny Stuff1
Atari ST/STEXIMGExtended GEM Bit Image1
Atari TTPI4320x480256 colors1
Atari TTPI5640x48016 colors1
Atari TTPI61280x960mono1
Atari FalconB&W, B_WImageLab256-level grayscale1
Atari FalconDC1DuneGraph (compressed)320x200256 colors1
Atari FalconDELDelmPaint320x240256 colors1
Atari FalconDG1DuneGraph320x200256 colors1
Atari FalconDPHDelmPaint640x480256 colors1
Atari FalconESMTmS Cranach Paint/Studio1
Atari FalconFTCFalcon True Color384x24065536 colors1
Atari FalconFUNFunny Paint1
Atari FalconGODGodPaint65536 colors1
Atari FalconHIRPrint-Technik128-level grayscale1
Atari FalconIB3ICDRAW icon32x3216 colors1
Atari FalconIBIICDRAW icon32x3216 colors1
Atari FalconIIMInShape1
Atari FalconPI4, PI7, PI9Fuckpaintup to 640x480256 colors1
Atari FalconPIXPixArt1
Atari FalconPNT, TPIPrism Paint1
Atari FalconRAGRAG-D1
Atari FalconRAW, RWH, RWLIMG Scanup to 640x400256-level grayscale1
Atari FalconTCPRembrandt65536 colors1
Atari FalconTG1COKE65536 colors1
Atari FalconTIMG32768 colors1
Atari FalconTRESpooky Sprites (compressed)65536 colors1
Atari FalconTRPEggPaint65536 colors1
Atari FalconTRPSpooky Sprites65536 colors1
Atari FalconTRUIndyPaint65536 colors1
Atari FalconXGA65536 colors1
BBC MicroBB0Mode 0640x256mono1
BBC MicroBB1Mode 1320x2564 colors1
BBC MicroBB2Mode 2160x2568 colors1
BBC MicroBB4Mode 4320x256mono1
BBC MicroBB5Mode 5160x2564 colors1
BBC MicroBBGLdPicup to 640x2561
Commodore 16P4Iup to 320x200121 colors1
Commodore 644BTGoDot320x20016 colors1
Commodore 6464C8x8 fontmono1
Commodore 64ASEUCK sprites16 colors1
Commodore 64A64, WIGWigmore Artist 64160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64AAS, ARTArt Studio320x20016 colors1
Commodore 64AFLAFLI-editor v2.0 by Topaz Beerlin296x20016 colors1
Commodore 64AMIAmica Paint160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64BFLIBig FLI148x40016 colors1
Commodore 64BML, FLIFLI Graph 2.2 by Blackmail148x20016 colors1
Commodore 64CDUCDU-Paint160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64CHECheese160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64CWGCreate with Garfield160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64DDDoodle320x20016 colors1
Commodore 64DOLDolphin Ed160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64DRL, DLPDrazlaceup to 320x2002
Commodore 64DRZ, DRPDrazpaint160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64ECIECI Graphic Editor296x2002
Commodore 64ECPECI Graphic Editor (compressed)296x2002
Commodore 64FD2FLI Designer148x20016 colors1
Commodore 64FFLI148x2002
Commodore 64FLIFLI148x20016 colors1
Commodore 64FPTFace Painter160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64FUN, FP2Funpaint296x2002
Commodore 64GSEUCK fontmono1
Commodore 64GCD, MON320x200mono1
Commodore 64GGKoala Painter (compressed)320x20016 colors1
Commodore 64GUN, IFLGunpaint296x2002
Commodore 64HBM, HIR, GIH, FGSHires-Bitmap320x200mono1
Commodore 64HEDHi-Eddi320x20016 colors1
Commodore 64HFCHires FLI by Crest296x11216 colors1
Commodore 64HIMHires Manager by Cosmos296x19216 colors1
Commodore 64HLFHires Interlace by Feniks320x2002
Commodore 64HPCHi-Pic Creator320x20016 colors1
Commodore 64IHEInterlace Hires Editor320x2003 colors2
Commodore 64IPHInterpaint320x20016 colors1
Commodore 64IPTInterpaint160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64ISMImage System160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64JJDoodle (compressed)320x20016 colors1
Commodore 64GIG, KLA, KOAKoala Painter160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64LP3Logo Painter 3/3+160x4004 colors1
Commodore 64MCITrue Paint320x2002
Commodore 64MILMicro Illustrator160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64MLEMulti-Lace Editor320x5610 colors2
Commodore 64OCPAdvanced Art Studio160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64P64Picasso 64160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64PETPETSCII Editor40x25 characters16 colors1
Commodore 64PIBlazing Paddles160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64PMGPaint Magic160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64RPRainbow Painter160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64RPMRun Paint160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64SARSaracen Paint160x20016 colors1
Commodore 64SCR+COLPETSCII Editor40x25 characters16 colors1
Commodore 64SPDSpritePad1
Commodore 64VICup to 320x20016 colors1
Commodore 64VIDVidcom 64Paint160x20016 colors1
Commodore 128BM, VBMVDC BitMapmono1
Commodore 128BRUS, PICTBASIC 8mono1
Commodore 128IPI Paint16 colors1
MSXSC2, GRPScreen 2256x19215 colors1
MSXSC3Screen 364x4815 colors1
MSX2FNTDynamic Publisher font512x160mono1
MSX2GL5+PL516 colors1
MSX2GL6+PL64 colors1
MSX2GL7+PL716 colors1
MSX2GL8256 colors1
MSX2MAG, MAXMaki-chan Graphics1
MSX2PCTDynamic Publisher screen512x704mono1
MSX2SC4Screen 4256x19216 colors1
MSX2SC5, GE5Screen 5256x21216 colors1
MSX2SC5+S15Screen 5 interlaced256x42416 colors2
MSX2SC6Screen 6512x2124 colors1
MSX2SC6+S16Screen 6 interlaced512x4244 colors2
MSX2SC7, GE7Screen 7512x21216 colors1
MSX2SC7+S17Screen 7 interlaced512x42416 colors2
MSX2SC8, GE8, PICScreen 8256x212256 colors1
MSX2SC8+S18Screen 8 interlaced256x424256 colors2
MSX2SR5+PL5Graph Saurus256x21216 colors1
MSX2SR6+PL6Graph Saurus512x2124 colors1
MSX2SR7+PL7Graph Saurus512x21216 colors1
MSX2SR8Graph Saurus256x212256 colors1
MSX2SRI+PL7Graph Saurus512x42416 colors2
MSX2STPDynamic Publisher stampmono1
MSX2+GLA+PLA12515 colors1
MSX2+GLC, GLS19268 colors1
MSX2+SCAScreen 10256x21212515 colors1
MSX2+SCA+S1AScreen 10 interlaced256x42412515 colors2
MSX2+SCC, SRS, YJKScreen 12up to 256x21219268 colors1
MSX2+SCC+S1CScreen 12 interlacedup to 256x42419268 colors2
NEC PC-88MAGMaki-chan Graphics8 colors1
NEC PC-98MAG, MKIMaki-chan Graphics256 colors1
NEC PC-98Q4XLD4640x40016 colors1
OricCHS6x8 fontmono1
OricHIR, HRS240x2008 colors1
PCEPAAward BIOS logo1
PCFNTImage 72 fontmono1
PCMSPMicrosoft Paint version 1 or 2mono1
PlayStationTIMTIM32768 colors1
SAM CoupeSCS4, SS4Mode 4256x19216 colors1
Sharp X68000MAGMaki-chan Graphics16 colors1
Sharp X68000PIC65536 colors1
Timex 2048SCRHi-color256x19215 colors1
Timex 2048SCRHi-res512x192mono1
TRS-80RLECompuServe RLE256x192mono1
TRS-80 Color ComputerCLP40x56mono1
TRS-80 Color ComputerGRF, MAX, P41, PIX256x192mono1
TRS-80 Color ComputerP11128x964 colors1
ZX81PSinclair BASIC32x24 charactersmono1
ZX81RAWZXPaintyONE v2.032x24 charactersmono1
ZX81ZP1 (arbitrary)ZXpaintyONE32x24 charactersmono1
ZX Spectrum3256x1928 colors3
ZX SpectrumATRAttributes32x24 characters15 colors1
ZX SpectrumBMC4Border Screen Multicolor 8x4384x30415 colors1
ZX SpectrumBSCBorder Screen384x30415 colors1
ZX SpectrumCH$CHR$1 or 2
ZX SpectrumCH44x8 fontmono1
ZX SpectrumCH66x8 fontmono1
ZX SpectrumCH88x8 fontmono1
ZX SpectrumHLRAttributes Gigascreen32x24 characters2
ZX SpectrumIFLMulticolor 8x2256x19215 colors1
ZX SpectrumIMGGigascreen256x1922
ZX SpectrumMCMulticolor 8x1256x19215 colors1
ZX SpectrumMG1MultiArtist 8x1256x1922
ZX SpectrumMG2MultiArtist 8x2256x1922
ZX SpectrumMG4MultiArtist 8x4256x1922
ZX SpectrumMG8MultiArtist 8x8256x1922
ZX SpectrumMLT256x19215 colors1
ZX SpectrumRGB256x1928 colors3
ZX SpectrumSCR256x19215 colors1
ZX Spectrum ULAplusSCRULAplus256x19264 colors1
ZX Spectrum EvolutionSXGSpeccy eXtended Graphics256 colors1
ZX SpectrumZXPZX-Paintbrush256x19215 colors1

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